Air Condition Service / Recharge

We have access to an Air Conditioning machine that can diagnose any issues or simply recharge your Air Conditioning if needed.

Did you know the cold air is only a by product of air conditioning? Naturally, this is very handy on a hot day, but it is much more than that.

Some other examples of needing your aircon working would be things like: A misty windscreen on a cold morning or when you get in the car with wet clothing.

When your A/C is working correctly, the excess moisture is drawn from the air and this quickly clears your windows.
TIP: Keep the A/C on when you have the heating on and the air is cooled before it is heated which kills airborne bacteria.

Q) Do you have an awful smell inside your car and can’t explain it?
A) A/C components behind your dashboard can build up bacteria therefore causing a smell. This can be easily treated and the smells eliminated.

Q) You turn on your A/C on a hot day but you just get warm air?
A) 9 times out of 10 your A/C simply needs recharged.

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